Oh! Wonderful Love


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As I sit down to pen this blog, the first thing that flows into my mind is…..

God’s love, it’s so wonderful
God’s love, it’s so wonderful
God’s love, it’s so wonderful
Oh! Wonderful Love!
It’s so high, you can’t get over it
It’s so low, you can’t get under it
It’s so wide, you can’t get around it
Oh! Wonderful Love.

You might have heard this many a times as a kid or not.. Whatever it is, I invite you to ponder over this.. rhyme.

In my case, as a kid, I’ve heard and sung this rhyme maybe a billion times, but never grasped the true meaning of it. Today, when I sing this rhyme, I realize what I missed on as a kid – that wonderful Love… I never stopped to realize how wonderful His love is.

After a tiring day at college, as I lay down to sleep, I looked at the photo collage I had stuck on the wall next to my bed. As I stared at the people whom I loved – my parents, cousins, friends, teachers – I realized that none of them will never know how much I love them or what they mean to me. No matter how much I try to prove it, they’ll never know the depth of my love or the reasons why I love them. No, I don’t love my parents “because” they are my parents and I’ve got no better choice. Nor do I love my cousins because they were born into my family or my friends ‘cause they are pretty, cool, whatever. No… these were never the reasons and never will be.

Thinking deep in my exhausted state, it struck to me that I’m not the only person whose is not understood.

Nobody understood “His” love either.

A few years back, I used to think that God loves me like He loves everybody else. What is so special about that? He loves me because He created me and have to love me anyways…. Right?

WRONG! God was so in love with idea of “me” that He willed me into existence. He created me uniquely and, though it is very hard to believe sometimes, I’m His masterpiece.

“Yahweh called me from my mother’s womb, He pronounced my name before I was born. He made my mouth like a sharpened sword. He hid me in the shadow of His hand. He made me into a polished arrow, set apart in his quiver.” – Isaiah 49:1-2

He is not forced to love me, but chooses to love me. I can’t believe that someone can see right through me, even my thoughts – and still love me. All the good, bad days… Every day, from the beginning. Isn’t that special enough?

Nobody is gonna love me like He does, inclusive of all the people in that photo collage stuck to my wall. “Since you are precious in my sight and important – for I have loved you.” – Isaiah 43:4


Kids’ rhymes have a deeper meaning than I ever thought. They have big, big secrets (like these) encapsulated in simple words.

It took me an exhausted day to realize His “wonderful love”. He is that close to you.
I now know that my love nor the reasons are ever gonna be fully understood. And that’s okay. Because God never complained – and He did greater things to prove His love [John15:13]. He still keeps loving.

I will also keep loving. ☺

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I am a 19 year old from the Incredible India, though I’ve lived my entire life in Abu Dhabi. I love my country, being Catholic, eating KitKat, singing for my God from my soul, reading books (Harry Potter is my favorite book series after the Bible), celebrating Holy Mass, playing basketball, cracking lame jokes, praising our God, making others happy and talking about and to Jesus. Jesus is my best, best friend and I am a huge fan of St. Joan of Arc. I used to have zero self-esteem until Jesus crashed into my life. And trust me, it was the best accident I’ve ever had. My wish is to go to Heaven where I’ll become the patron saint of friendships and crazy people. I don’t consider my religion as a mere duty but a true joy and comfort for my soul. I also wish to become a Catholic speaker like Jackie Francois and Mark Hart.

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