The Importance of learning your Catholic Faith


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The deposit of the Catholic Faith is a treasure handed down to us through the generations by the  Apostles and their successors. The Apostles, who were inspired by the Holy Spirit, left us this faith  in the form of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. This faith handed down to us is the  revelation of God, the revelation of Jesus Christ who came to this world to redeem mankind, to  make us children of God. It is vital that every Catholic takes the time to learn this faith.

You Can’t Love what you do not know –

Think about someone you love dearly, would you be content not knowing much about that person. Would you not want to know as much as possible about someone you love? The Baltimore Catechism states that ‘God made man to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.’

Now if we are to love God and serve him, we must first know him. God invited us to know him, to know his love for us. Only once we know his love, can we truly love him back.

Responsibility in handing down the faith –

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he commanded his Apostles to baptize and teach all that he commanded to all nations. That command applies to every baptized Catholic. We have a responsibility as members of the Church, the body of Christ to spread the Gospel. It may be with our family, our friends, neighbors and everybody we interact with.

Parents have an important responsibility of handing this faith down to their children and to ensure that they know of God’s love for them and that they in turn love him and serve him.

Where to begin –

A good place to start learning your faith is in the Gospels (books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John in the bible). Take some time every day to read a chapter every day and meditate on the life of Jesus and his words. Another great reference is the Catechism of the Catholic Church; this will help you understand what the Church teaches.

Jesus said he is the Truth, the Way and the life. He has revealed himself to the Church and he wants us to seek the truth. Remember the promise of Jesus, only the truth will set us free. The fullness of truth is present in the Catholic Faith.

Know your faith, Love your faith and only then you will be able to live out your faith!