Always say your Rosary and say it well – Padre Pio


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One day one of Padre Pio’s penitents said to him: “Padre, today they say the Rosary is out of date, that it is no longer in fashion. It is no longer said in many churches.” He replied: “Let us do what our fathers did and all will be well with us.” “But Satan rules the world.” Padre Pio replied: “Because they make him rule; can a spirit rule by itself if it is not united to the human will? We could not have been born in a more depraved world. The one who prays a lot saves himself. The one who prays little is in danger. The one who does not pray loses his soul.”

“Love our Lady, make others love her. Always say your Rosary and say it well. Satan always tries to destroy this prayer, but he will never succeed. It is the prayer of her who triumphs over everything and everyone.”

And two days before he died, he repeated: “Love our Lady and make her loved. Recite the Rosary and recite it always. And recite it as much as you can.”

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