Amazing story of St. Leo the Great and Attila the Hun


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Pope St. Leo the Great, born in Tuscany, reigned as Pope between 440 and 461. He persuaded Emperor Valentinian to recognize the primacy of the Bishop of Rome in an edict in 445. The doctrine of the Incarnation was formed by him in a letter to the patriarch of Constantinople at the Council of Chalcedon.

We face terrorism in our life today but it was a way of life back then. You never knew who would be at the gates of the city ready to destroy your home. in the year 452, Attila the Hun, after invading a town in northern Italy headed to the city of Rome. Pope St. Leo stood by himself to face this barbarian and met him outside the city. No one knows what he said, but the Attila the Hun was persuaded to leave.

The story is told that while Saint Leo was talking to Attila, a vision of St. Peter holding a drawn sword appeared over his head. Attila the Hun was overcome and fled Rome in fear. St. Leo, a Doctor of the Church, emphasized persistence, perseverance in prayer, fasting in alms giving. We celebrate Saint Leo the Great’s feast day on November 10th.

St. Leo the Great, pray for us!

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