Christmas Symbols and Traditions-YULE LOG


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A Yule log is a large log which is burned in the hearth as part of traditional Christmas celebrations. The Yule log goes back to pagan religions. Yule, which means sun or light, was a festival in honor of the sun god.  The Yule log is reminiscent of Christ’s cross, made of wood. As the burning log gives light as it “dies,” so the death of Christ on the cross brought our world from the darkness of sin into the light of faith. As the burning of the log was thought to bring health, fruitfulness, and prosperity and to ward off evil spirits, so Christ’s sacrificial death brought to those who believe in Him the fruits of the Holy Spirit, health of soul, and prosperity in their spiritual life. Through His death, Christ conquered all evil spirits for all time. Burning the Yule log for twelve days prepared the pagans to recall the twelve tribes of Israel, which preceded Christ, and the twelve apostles whom Our Lord sent to spread the fire of the Holy Spirit to light up all the world.

Lord, You do all things so well. In this pagan symbol, You foreshadowed the sacrifice of Your Son. Lord of Light and Life, may the fire of Your Love illumine my life and make me an apostle for You.


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