God’s love is so wonderful


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 Thank You for bringing me to this day, my Lord and my God. I believe that You love me, love me to the point of having created me in Your image…

You love for me is so great, that you sent your son Jesus, who assumed the person of a fellow human being, only to live as You want me to live, to show me how and why it’s done.

You love for me is so great that you always forgive me each and every time I stumble and fall, every time I sin by not living as You want me to live, if only I ask for Your forgiveness with a contrite heart.

Why?…because You love me to the point of wanting me to share eternity with You. I love You as well, my Lord and my God, for exactly the same reason.

Please help me today and everyday show You how much I love You by living my life in the manner You want me to live my life, for Your greater glory.

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