Prayer to Saint Juan Diego


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Saint Juan Diego, you were chosen by Our Lady of Guadalupe
as an instrument to show your people and the world
that the way of the Christian is one of love, compassion, understanding, values, sacrifices, repentance of our sins, esteem and respect for the creation of God, and above all,
one of humility and obedience.

You, who we know are in the Kingdom of our Lord and near our Mother, be our angel and protect us, stay with us while we fight in this modern life without knowing, most of the time, where to place our priorities.

Help us to pray to God, through the Heart of our Lady of Guadalupe
towards the Heart of Jesus, to obtain the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
and to use them for the good the humanity and the Church.


  • Gerard McGoldrick

    Dear St Juan Diego, I was introduced to you in the early 1980s through the agency of the Mother of God Brothers, who have a particular devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I hope I have been a constant and erstwhile friend of theirs since then. By the grace of the singular privilege you were afforded, I earnestly invoke your patronage and intercession. My name is Gerard Thomas Joseph McGoldrick. I am a 58 year old, single man, daily communicant, disability pensioner, living in Bondi, Sydney, Australia. I have the medical conditions of diabetes, schizophrenia and an acquired brain injury, with a badly damaged memory. I am earnestly seeking the healing of all three conditions. I heartily endorse your advocacy with the Mother of God, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and entreat you to obtain these healings for me from her loving, maternal Immaculate Heart. Please remember favourably my friendships with the Mother of God Brothers, particularly with their founder, Br Michael Foran, with whom I had a splendid friendship, and who has been with you in Heaven these past ten or so years. Please remember me to him and ask him, also, to endorse these prayer requests, and tell him there will, undoubtedly, be others, particularly once I regain full health and functionality. May I also be blessed with a long, healthy, faithful and fruitful life in the Lord’s service.
    Thank-you, St. Juan Diego, and I hope, also, to be a friend of yours in Heaven.

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