The Rebekah Principle


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The Rebekah Principle

Those who work hard will prosper. Proverbs 13:4

Good leaders constantly observe the actions and attitudes of those around them. They’re looking for someone they can trust; someone who sees the big picture yet doesn’t miss the details. And when they find them they reward them! Don’t wait for tomorrow, empty your best into today and watch what happens. Rebekah did and she inherited the wealth of Abraham, became the bride of Isaac and the mother of a nation. What a payoff! When Abraham’s assistant was sent to find a bride for Isaac, he asked God for a sign to confirm his choice. He said that the woman who would voluntarily offer him and his camels a drink of water would be the one. Do you have any idea how much water one thirsty camel can drink? Abraham’s assistant was looking for someone who wanted to serve rather than be served: in a ‘me first’ world that’s hard to find!

Notice Rebekah’s qualifications. She was motivated and time conscious: “She… ran to the well.” …. “She drew water for all his camels” (Genesis 24:20). That one act of kindness altered the rest of her life. She’d been to that well many times before and nothing unusual happened, but that day she found favor and her life changed for good. What if she’d missed her opportunity, or said, “That’s not my responsibility?”

Whether you realize it or not your actions and attitudes are determining your future. So perform with excellence for someone is watching; someone God may use to help you get to the next level. Live by the Rebekah principle – always do more than is required of you, and do it gladly!

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