Why do I have faith?


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I have always professed to have faith in my Lord and my God. But, not until 1978 did I realize the meaning of my faith. That was the year when our daughter Heather Emily died, at 6 weeks of age, from SIDS. I cried my heart out for 2 weeks, asking how and why. And then it happened…

One day I simply thanked my Lord and my God for having shared Heather with us for 10 weeks. Go figure! But for my faith, I would have turned away from my Lord and my God. And something else happened to me in 1978. Before I thought of my Lord and my God as a far away, abstract God. One who kept track of my faults and mistakes, and therefore, a God I feared. Her death completely changed that.

I now see my Lord and my God as absolutely loving and compassionate…a God with whom I have a close, personal and friendly relationship…with whom I interact every day, and exchange comments about my daily routine. So, why do I have faith? I do not know but I am thankful I do.  

Have a great day and take care.

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