St. Dominic of Silos (Feast Day – December 20th)


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St. Dominic, Benedictine abbot and defender of the faith, is one of the most beloved saints in Spain. King Garcia III of Navarre challenged him when he became abbot of the monastery in Spain, and Dominic refused to surrender part of the Benedictine lands to the crown which led to him being exiled.

Later, he became abbot of St. Sebastian Abbey at Silos, now called St. Dominic’s. St. Dominic reformed the abbey and also rescued Christian slaves from the Moors. Dominic’s shrine is noted for its place in the birth of Dominic de Guzman, the founder of the Order of Preachers. Dominic de Guzman’s mother begged for a child there. St. Dominic was also noted for miracles of healing.

Pray for us, St. Dominic.

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