St. Germaine Cousin (Feast Day – June 15th)


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St. Germaine Cousin was a poor shepherd girl born in a small village in France. She is the patron saint of victims of child abuse.

She lost her mother shortly after her birth and her father remarried.

She was born with a right hand that was deformed and paralyzed. She was physically abused by her step mother and her siblings. Her father pretended not to notice the abuse and even did not interfere when his wife poured boiling water on Germaine’s legs. She was made to sleep in the barn and she grew very sick

Despite of all this, Germaine was very holy and had a deep relationship with God. She went to Mass every day and recited the Rosary and the Angelus.

After her death, many miracles occurred through her intercession. Forty years after her death her body was found to be incorrupt and she was deemed to be incorruptible.

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