St. John the Baptist (Feast Day – June 24)


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St. John the Baptist, the son of Zachary and Elizabeth was chosen to prepare the way for our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Patron Saint of Baptism, Converts, Convulsions, Epileptics & Tailors

Prayer to St John the Baptist –

O Holy St. John, from all eternity you were chosen
To prepare the way for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grant that it may be given unto me, by means of your example of a holy life and the exercise of every good work, to bring many souls to God, but above all to those souls that are enveloped in the darkness of error and ignorance and are led astray by vice.

Pray for me, Saint John the Baptist, that I may be made worthy of the promises of Christ, specifically, (state your request)

O God, who has made this day to be honorable in our eyes by the commemoration of blessed John the Baptist, grant unto your people the grace of spiritual joy, and direct the minds of all your faithful into the way of everlasting salvation.



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