St. Zita (Feast Day – April 27th)


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S. Zita was born in 1218, into a poor family in Tuscany, Italy. By the age of just twelve years, she was in the service of a noble family. Always marked by a strong sense of duty, joyful and humble character, she always tried to do God’s will obediently.

She found time every day to attend Mass and to recite many prayers, as well as to carry out her household duties so perfectly that the other servants were jealous of her.

Her kindness of heart came to win the affection of the family, and they gave her a free reign over her working schedule and she took the opportunity to help poor people, busied herself with visits to the sick and those in prison.

Word spread rapidly in Lucca of her good deeds and the heavenly visions that appeared to her. She died on April 27 1272 and is the patron saint of domestic workers.

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